The shoe is now on the other for for media

March 2, 2014


In his omniscience while penning the Constitution, Thomas Jefferson considered the strength of the first 10 amendments which we came to know as the Bill of Rights. He felt that knowledge was power and that if the electorate was kept informed of what the government was up to, they would have ample opportunity to forestall it.

Still, realizing that in and of itself, "government" couldn't be trusted, he insured that the second most important right of the citizens was to protect that First Amendment with the Second.

For years, under the ludicrous guise of "sensible compromise," the government has eroded our rights to keep and bear arms. Aided by a blind minority who hide under the guise of trading liberty for safety, each year we find more initiatives that are aimed at removing the only tool we have to control tyrannical government intrusion. In all that time, the media has been especially complicit in cheering it along, often creating tensions and continuing frays just to further that cause.

Most of us who cherish all of our personal freedoms found it a bit amusing how the media suddenly came to life this past week when the FCC announced they'd begin investigating to see why particular stories were or were not printed to "insure fair coverage." The hew and cry has been deafening that the government would actually support such an intrusion.

Well sirs, welcome to the world Jefferson was speaking about and the one that all of us who support the Second Amendment have tried to make you aware of. When you volunteer to give up one of those 10 amendments, you set up a freefall for losing the rest of them. Were you really so gullible to think that the efforts of going after the Second Amendment first wouldn't lead to this? Didn't you consider that when you started claiming that the language of the Constitution was outdated that the revisionists would eliminate the original protective language?

You applauded Charles Schumer, Michael Bloomberg, Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein. You paraded the catastrophe of the school children in Newtown and set Gabby Giffords in front of us. You spent countless reams of paper reporting the incident at Aurora and condemning ownership of all assault weapons. And now you're surprised that the government would come after you? What did you think would stop them once they'd vilified us?

Wake up America.

George Roof

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