Test Your Knowledge of Financial Basics

March 12, 2014

This article is by Michael Loftus at Loftus Wealth Strategies. It appears on our Active Adults Realty Blog, “testing your knowledge of Financial Basics,” How much do you know?


What’s New In The World Of Higher Education? What are your financial goals?

Spring training is a tradition that baseball teams and baseball fans look forward to every year. No matter how they did last year, teams in spring training are full of hope that a new season will bring a fresh start. As this year’s baseball season gets under way, here are a few lessons from America’s pastime that might help you reevaluate your finances.

Sometimes You Need To Proceed-One Base At A Time.

There’s nothing like seeing a home run light up the scoreboard, but games are often won by singles and doubles that get runners in scoring position through a series of base hits. The one base at a time approach takes discipline, something that you can apply to your finances by putting together a financial plan. What are your financial goals? Do you know how much money comes in, and how much goes out? Are you saving regularly for retirement or for a child’s college education? A financial plan will help you understand where you are now and help you decide where you want to go.

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