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- Private group -
March 1, 2014

Offering "Hope & Health through Strength & Nutrition" at Fun Fit Vibe & Fun Fit Food located at 1604 Savannah Road in Lewes & 158 Central Ave. in Millville DE.

Check out the attached picture to get a glimpse behind the science that saves you time (only 30 minutes)(and all the time you avoid sitting in doctors offices & pharmacies) and money (what is your time worth get in and out quick & prevent spending money on co-pays at doctors offices & pharmacies).

Every doctor has said to a patient at one time to get more exercise - we help you shut your doctor up by going back strong. As one client recently said "the doctor grabbed the back of my arm & said flabby - you need some muscle - this time the doctor said my flab is gone & my muscles are excellent…see you in 6 months." That is awesome - no more talking about my next doctors appointment - I don't have on until my next check up!!!

Celebrating the benefits of being strong with our clients every day - Fun Fit Vibe - come in and catch a healthy VIBE.