What kind of seafaring' town don't have a . . .

Coffee, Tellemore Dew (Irish whiskey), heavy cream whipped up with some light brown sugar and vanilla. Sure enuff sweet and special on the taste buds and the synapses. BY DENNIS FORNEY
March 3, 2014

What kid of seafaring' town don't have a bar or restaurant open on a stormy March day where a man can git a proper Irish coffee or a steamin' bowl o' oyster stew?

It aren't right.'

Lewes needs a little more grit in its air.

Walked, slid and slipped downtown Monday afternoon for a spot of liquid warmth and came up mostly dry.  Chuckles gave me a tastin' of some hazelnut expresso likker at R&L but that was about it. Boys out in Bend, Oregon make it.  Lots of hazelnut trees out in them parts.

Chuck was plowin', Rachel, Jim and Lola was walkin' Second Street messin' in the snow.  Richard unlocked Café Azafran to check on his water heater.  I followed him in.  He allowed as how he informed the employees in the last few days that he's sold the café to a family of restaurant people. Next Sunday's his last day.  He'll focus on his café on Baltimore Avenue in Rehoboth. Richard sure has run a nice operation.

Keep an eye on the G'zette for more info.

Tomorrow I'll show a picture of the boys workin' out in the marshes of the cape on the new bicycle and walking trail.  They was on it hard Saturday tryin' to git ahead of the storm.

Meantime I'm finishin' up my Irish coffee.  Had to make some for myself.

Came out right decent. It's a Irish coffee kind of day.