March 6, 2014

Let me be candid—exercise is the WRONG WEIGH to help Delaware slim down and get healthy!  Don’t get me wrong, I exercise daily, I know it is essential for healthy living; but lack of it is not why we’re overweight. Exercise is not the solution to our weighty problem.

The problem is the food we eat.  Meat and dairy products fatten, sicken and can eventually kill.  Vegetables, whole grains, beans and fruit heal, strengthen and energize.  It’s that simple.  Eliminate all animal products from your diet.  If it has a father, face, feet, fins or feathers or if it comes from something that does, don’t eat it!  Your body will respond immediately in positive ways that indicate healing has begun.

When I began eating Plant-Based foods 3 years ago in a desire to reverse my heart disease, I lost 45 pounds in the first 3 months without counting a single calorie or making an effort to exercise.  Simply eliminating all animal based foods and added oil and eating vegetables, whole grains, beans and fruit made me feel so well that I felt like running and jumping.  For this grandmother who was a confirmed couch potato, I feel and look like a new person.  (Speaking of POTATOES, they are a satisfying, nutrient rich, energy food.  By all means eat them daily.  I do. They’ll help you maintain a healthy weight.)

In the past 3 years, my studies have revealed that the meat and dairy industries have a stranglehold on the USDA which is responsible for the dietary guidelines used by all dietitians and all public health institutions.  No wonder medical professionals are unable to tell us the truth about our diets.  Until they do, Delaware and all other states will be hard pressed to help residents go the right weigh.

To learn more about the health risks of meat and dairy products and the health benefits of a Plant-Based Diet, refer to the following resources:

The China Study and Whole, T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D.,

Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease, Caldwell Esselstyn, M.D. ,

The Starch Solution, John McDougall, M.D.,

Comfortably UNAWARE, Dr. Richard A. Oppenlander,

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