Cheer for good old Cape after the bus drops off your career

Beacon track welcomed 60 girls to the first day of practice in the gym. The girls have won 36 meets in a row and are coming off undefeated seasons in track, field hockey and basketball. BY DAVE FREDERICK
March 7, 2014

Angry Birds - There are former students and athletes who circle the high school of their hometown like Angry Birds holding a grudge for a lifetime that no one really cares about. I know people who have been carrying a bad attitude for 40 years, and did I mention nobody cares? There are people inside nuclear families who stopped talking to each other years ago and can’t even remember why. I know I hold the record at Cape for applying for and not getting jobs, but I never let it stop me from being the person I thought I was. I mean, who cares what they think? The most Angry Birds over the years have come out of the basketball culture because that has always been Cape’s No. 1 sport, and don’t let anyone tell you different. You old dudes need to let go and cheer for the athletes who are playing now.

Inspiring and invigorating - I made the rounds March 5 hitting as many sports practices as I could find, and I was impressed with the number of kids trying out for teams. Cape has some serious athletes who must wait their turn before getting into the varsity lineup. Another phenomenon is the gifted athlete who comes out for a team after not playing for a year or two. There are situations where decisions on personnel are just so close it’s almost impossible not to have critics. I always advise athletes to talk to their coaches directly if they have any issues, from placement to playing time.  Young athletes don’t need parents serving as sports agents.

Roster bonus - I wonder if I were due a $1 million roster bonus on March 15 by the Cape Gazette if they would cut me?  Sure they would; I’m worth it but I’d be priced out of my position. How about 10 grand? Most likely gone again. The Eagles cut eight-year veteran Jason Avant, a high character and reliable slot receiver and leader in the locker room, because Avant was due a $1 million roster bonus and the Eagles’ front office felt he was not worth it. Professional teams save money on the low end and don’t hesitate to cut people to save chump change because a pocket full of chump change is tens of millions in their world.

Snippets - I forgot to mention that when granddaughter Anna scored her first collegiate lacrosse goal for Temple at Cornell she was whipsawed and concussed on the play and went into the post-concussion protocol and missed two games; it has taken 12 days for her to get fully cleared.

Cape has six basketball players who also play baseball including Jon Warren, Kai Vitella, David Kwan, Noah Piper, Drew Mulcahy and Austin Brooks. This Saturday, March 8, is supposed to be spring scrimmage day. The Weather Channel is calling for 50 degrees with a zero chance of precipitation. The Cape softball team is at Sussex Central. The girls' lacrosse team is at Kent County High School for an all-day, 10-team scrimmage. The Cape boys are hosting Malvern Prep, Bishop Shanahan and Penncrest of Pennsylvania. The soccer girls are scheduled for an all-day play day (15 teams) at Sussex Central. Hard to predict if grass fields will be suitable for play.

Beacon has 60 girls out for girls’ track and is riding a 36-meet win streak. Coaches Tim Bamforth and Gilbert Maull know how to coach them up.

Saint Elizabeth will play Sanford in the girls’ state championship basketball game at The Bob Carpenter Center at 7 p.m., Friday, March 7. Frank Aiello was called out of retirement to coach the St. E Vikings for this one season, and they have been impressive. Frank’s sister is local Maria Green, married to Frank Green and mother of Frank Green and Jason Mahon, so we have local connections in the game.

I cannot remember five candidates filing for one Cape at-large school board seat before, and they’re all good people. That can only be a good sign for the school district. I should throw my size 8 hat in the ring to see if I can come in second, but I may get sixth and have to develop a bad attitude, so I will stay safely on the sidelines. Good luck - this should be fun to watch.

The Delmarva/Mid Atlantic women’s lacrosse play day at Cape will be March 15. Volunteers are still needed. Contact Terry Bartley at Go on now, git!