Eagle's Nest Academy to hold Celtic Festival March 17

March 13, 2014

Students at Eagle's Nest Christian Academy are preparing for their first Celtic Festival Monday, March 17, from 3 until 4:15 p.m.

To plan for the event, the fourth through eighth grade classes have researched a particular aspect of the Celtic culture or the Saint Patrick's Day tradition and created hands-on activities and visual presentations for the lower elementary students, their families and the public.

They have also been brushing up on their step dancing skills for a flash mob performance.  Scheduled activities include Celtic history, song and dance, games, art, traditional dress, taste-testing of Irish foods, and learning about the historical figure, St. Patrick.

Everyone is invited to dance a jig at this fun-filled educational, family event!  Contact Eagle's Nest Christian Academy in Milton at 302-684-4983 for more information about this event or go to