Volunteers are our Heart!

- Private group -
March 14, 2014

Since opening in the summer of 2013 Unfinished Business: A Community Thrift Shop has been thriving in large part to our volunteer base.  While management works to make it a pleasant environment, our volunteers continue to be the heart and soul of our establishment.  In thanks to Kathy Wiz, our CAMP Rehoboth coordinator, we continue to attract groups of men and women who are committed to our cause.  Over 85% of our proceeds are donated to CAMP and we couldn't make such a large donation without their help.  Lots of laughter and fun ring throughout the shop as our volunteers sort clothes, display household items, organize our books--dare we call it a library--and work at our number one policy--great customer service.  In honor of all of our volunteers, we thank you for your commitment and joy that you spread.

If you are interested in helping, just come into the shop during normal working hours for a tour and list of tasks.  You will surely meet some special future friends.