Who are true representatives of the people?

March 24, 2014

What makes a politician a good representative of the electorate? Politicians, under the guise of supporting our national immigration law, have conspired to break the law by not enforcing our country’s borders. By denying the people the constitutional right to defend themselves, they continually attack our Second Amendment.

Citizens are labeled racists because they want photo ID in order to vote when verification of a person’s ID is needed almost daily for everyday life in America. Big government controls the press, harasses citizens through tiresome regulation, and even literally plans to tax the rain that falls on our property.

And, they wonder why we are unhappy with our representation.

Rather than uphold the law, they have mocked the law by declaring themselves to be the law. They exempted themselves from Obamacare and Congressional insider trading and many other laws and rules.

No matter what state we live and vote in, as election time nears, we should not be looking to elect more phonies who will promise things that they will do for their constituents. We demand to know of all future candidates what they will undo for us. We should ask what legislation they will repeal or nullify.

What lawless officials will they impeach and/or fire from government jobs? What burdensome and oppressive regulations will they erase? We should challenge them to be responsible and accountable to the people they represent.

If they do not declare and detail the things that they will undo, nullify or repeal, they fail the test of courage and integrity. And, then they will fail to get our vote.

Connie Hliva
Rehoboth Beach

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