Ellendale deserves clean water too

April 1, 2014

The Ellendale Civic Association would like to commend our governor on his stand to clean up the water here in Delaware. We appreciate the fact that he has recognized the need for improvement throughout the state and the hazard that is presented with current water situation.

The question that is raised by the Ellendale Community Civic Improvement Association, considering the report  presented to the Ellendale community in August 2013 by Delaware Health & Social Services, Division of Public Health  and with the article in the Jan. 26 News Journal citing Ellendale as the city with the highest rate of cancer in Delaware, why Ellendale was not one of the cities designated to receive water improvement.

Though there has been a reduction in cancer in some portions of the state, Ellendale cannot boast any of those statistics. Funding has been made to purchase “sand” for the improvements to Broadkill Beach, among Delaware’s wealthiest communities, to exceed $14 million. Our governor has found the need in New Castle County and Kent County and has appropriated funding to correct these conditions.

The Ellendale Community Civic Improvement Association has made several requests for assistance over the past 10 years for help regarding the water conditions in this city. Ellendale does not have the tax structure that Wilmington and Dover have to provide the necessary funding to match/meet the funding required to improve these conditions.

Though Ellendale is not a wealthy community, it is part of the state and as such, the people of Ellendale deserve the same consideration of improving its current water conditions.

Loretta Benson
executive director
Ellendale Community Civic Improvement Association

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