Sussex Academy students present 'Into the Woods Junior'

March 30, 2014

Students at the Sussex Academy in Georgetown presented the Broadway production of "Into the Woods Junior" March 14 and 15. Sussex Academy Music Director Jerry Birl directed, assisted by Mikaela Calloway and Mia Moshier. More than 425 people attended the two nights.

Cast members include in back (l-r) Austin Ross, Collin Sullivan, Rebecca Brabitz, John Jacobson, Kyra Cutsail, Sam Townsend and Zach Maier; middle row, Patricia Diaz, Abbey Ruark, Sophie Schmitt, Jacob Slabonik, Ashley Hangsteffer, Sarah Bennett, Allison Dayton, Maggie Smith, Stephanie Philcox, Abby Drummond and Carson Watts. In front are Erin Farley, Alexa Griffith, Marissa Hawtof, Toni DeBastiani, Adrianne Smith, Chloe Whittaker, Kimmie Aiken and Isabel Abboud.