Lunch Bunch Lecture April 4: 'No Enemies Within'

March 31, 2014

Delaware Hospice’s Family Support Center, 100 Patriots Way in Milford, will hold a Lunch Bunch Lecture from noon to 1:30 p.m. Friday, April 4. Dr. Judy Pierson, clinical psychologist, will discuss “No Enemies Within: Learning from all the Parts of Yourself.”

Pierson will discuss how human beings sometimes disown parts of themselves. People who were punished or judged as children for crying, making mistakes, feeling angry, or having needs have learned to hide away these dimensions of their personalities. This not only constricts lives; it can lead to these dimensions coming out in less conscious ways like turning to food or alcohol for comfort.

Understanding what is right about what is wrong with onself comes from looking at one's less noble parts with eyes of compassion.

Lunch Bunch Lectures are organized by Delaware Hospice’s Family Support Center to help members of the community reinvest in life and are open to the public. Registration is required as seating capacity is limited, and the cost of lunch is $5 per person. Register by Wednesday, April 2, by contacting Michele August at 302-856-7717 or 302-478-5707 or email