Young at heart keep cranking their positive mojo

Jack Huxtable, 75, and Joann Szczepkowski, 67, the best Delaware age-group runners in their classes, warm up before the April Fools race. BY DAVE FREDERICK
April 1, 2014

Young at heart - I normally don’t like that expression because it's mostly used as a counterweight to old of body. Pitcher Satchel Paige, who threw hard balls into his 60s, was quoted as saying, “How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?" I snapped a photo of runners doing jumping jacks before the March 30 April Fools Prediction 5K. My camera caught Jack Huxtable, 75, the state age-group record holder in the 5K, up off the ground doing the airplane. Joann Szczepkowski, 67, best age-group runner in Delaware in the 65-69 bracket, looked like a cheerleader at a Quaker school. Both are relentlessly positive and nice, smart people and maybe they are young at heart because they don’t know or care how old they are.

Mystery to me - I was perplexed March 28 when the Cape girls' JV lacrosse team beat Caesar Rodney 17-0 and the varsity followed that up with a 22-1 victory. I kept saying, ”I just don’t understand; they should be better lacrosse teams. The Riders have healthy athletic people who can run and are used to competing." Here are Cape’s goals from the junior varsity game:  Grace Brokaw 1,  Lauren Kelley 1, Alyssa Craig 2, Shea Sugrue 1, Morgan Catts 2, Kaitlyn Klabe 4, Hannah Derrickson 2, Sarah Hyde 1, Taylor Jefferson 1, Korinne LeMaire 1, Olivia Bloom 1.

Just vote yes! - Here is what I posted on my Facebook page after the Milford school referendum failed. “The Milford referendum failed and I find that sad because Milford is a happening place with young families, but when less than 800 voters show up to vote yes, 1,000 no votes carries the day." Pay attention, Cape, and get the protons spinning on April 2 or the electrons will carry the negative charge on election day. Time to make a positive statement for our kids.  Cape is my wheelhouse, my home base, I am all in for kids. I think it's important that in a climate of “You ain’t getting my 50 dollars,” we show a commitment to being the best.

Swing break - Four miles into the April Fools Prediction Run there was a swing break with five cycles required. Adults hit the sling of the swing and didn’t want to get back up. Kids are active but they can go right to tired, and we all miss that feeling as most adults go from active to straight-up cranky.

Flip side of ADD - That’s easy; it’s me, me, me.  Ask a retired person a simple sports question and grab a seat because you are finished talking; your job is now full-time listening. Happens to me several times every day, and I always have a better story to tell than the one I’m hearing, but that’s not how the game is played.

I have a banquet coming up where I’m an honored person, and I think I am supposed to talk about myself, but I’m thinking of asking a person in the room a question and letting him have my four minutes.

Snippets - There was no swag in the quagmire at Hudson Fields March 29 as cars were spinning and spitting mud all over the place, and afterward, to use local slang, that parking area was "all tore up."

I'm not sure how they fix ruts and ditches in wet fields. It must involve the words "tractor" and "redneck," but it just always somehow miraculously gets fixed. I hope Kentucky wins the NCAA basketball tournament just to see if the players bother to complete the courses they are taking.

You realize that the combined credits earned by freshmen starting five taking the minimum required credits equals 60, which is the equivalent of the first semester junior, let's say the mascot. Just a crazy skewered value system. Go on now, git!

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