Science shines as district students display work

Fifth-grade projects fill convention hall
In the Life Science, Focus on Plants category, Emily Monigle from Rehoboth Elementary placed second for her experiment using different colors of light to affect plant growth. She found that the plant under a clear cellophane tent grew more than the plants under yellow, blue and red cellophane tents. BY STEVEN BILLUPS
April 23, 2014

Rehoboth Convention Center was turned into a science exposition April 1 when nearly 400 fifth-graders from across the Cape Henlopen School District gathered for the sixth annual Fifth Grade Science Fair.

“There were more entries this year,” said Jacqueline Kisiel, fifth-grade science teacher at Rehoboth Elementary. “It has grown by leaps and bounds.”

Students from H.O. Brittingham Elementary, Milton Elementary, Rehoboth Elementary and Shields Elementary competed in six categories for trophies and ribbons.

All fifth-grade students submit a science fair project, and it is easy to get them motivated, Kisiel said.

“I just prompt my students by asking them about things that really interest them,” she said.

Everyday items such as childproof medicine caps or energy bracelets can be used as prompts for a project. She said as students work on their projects they question how things work, which helps them make educated decisions.

“It's such a great opportunity for our students,” she said. “It helps them to become more knowledgeable about the world around them.”

The results of the 2014 science fair is as follows:

Life Science - Focus on Plants – First place, “How Do Preservatives Affect Spoilage of Produce?,” Olivia Recicar, Rehoboth Elementary; second place, “Color My World,” Emily Monigle, Rehoboth Elementary; third place, “Wacky Water,” Anthony Oscar, Shields Elementary; honorable mention, “Happy Plant, Sad Plant,” Duncan Cladwell, Rehoboth Elementary and “Lima Liquids,” Emma Metcalf, Shields Elementary.

Life Science - Focus on Animals and/or Behaviors – First place, “Sometimes, I Feel…,” Maggie Dawson, Rehoboth Elementary; second place, “Which Bait Catches the Most Freshwater Bass?,”

Jeremiah Burton, Rehoboth Elementary; third place, “Breath Taking Science,” Ty’Jan Dunning, Shields Elementary; honorable mention, “Musical Memory,” Riley Klopp, Rehoboth Elementary; “The Science of Smelly Socks,” Trey Mitchell, Rehoboth Elementary; “Don’t Forget,” Lindsay Rambo, Milton Elementary; “The Effect of Gender on Working Memory,” Tess DeBastiani, Milton Elementary; and “Which Type of Music Rocks Your Grades the Most?,” Kareena Keswani, Rehoboth Elementary.

Consumer Product Science – First place, “Moldy Bread,” Jaden Davis, Milton Elementary; second place, “Smile,” Wade Lange, Rehoboth Elementary; third place, “Relief to the Rescue,” Haley Craig, Rehoboth Elementary; honorable mention, “The Rotten Project,” Ben Sala, Shields Elementary; “Hairspray Hold Up,” Raegan Czyia, Rehoboth Elementary; “Wooden vs. Aluminum,” Jordy Villagomez, H.O. Brittingham Elementary.

Physical Science - Focus on Chemistry – First place, “pHeeling Acidic or Alkaline,” Else Leebel, Shields Elementary; second place, “Refueling with Electrolytes,” Drew Kindl, Milton Elementary; third place, “Buoyancy & Density,” Taylor Lampron, Milton Elementary; honorable mention, “What’s Up Cookie? Spread the Word,” Samanth Sordi, Shields Elementary; and “Sink or Swim?,” Jake Truitt, Shields Elementary.

Physical Science Focus on Physics & Sports – First place, “The Mystery of Viscosity Properties,” Nicholas Ferri, Milton Elementary, and “Mr. Guitar’s Perfect House,” Emma Kuska, Shields Elementary; second place, “To Carry or Not to Carry,” Maggie Mitchell, Rehoboth Elementary, and “The Helmet Test,” Nicholas Roros, Rehoboth Elementary; third place, “Wired for Speed,” Christopher Dean, Shields Elementary; third place, “Temperature & Golf Balls,” Grace Bucklin, Rehoboth Elementary; honorable mention, “Which Hula Hoop is Hopping?,” Ally Best, Shields Elementary; and “Temperature vs. Puck Distance,” Dy Quan Snead, Milton Elementary.

Environmental Science – First place, “Algae Solution,” Melanie Fritchman, Rehoboth Elementary; second place, “Making Buildings more Resiliant,” Connor Camiolo, Rehoboth Elementary; third place,

“Which Soil Holds More Water?,” Forest Dottoner, Milton Elementary; honorable mention, “Fun in the Sand,” Nick Jones, Shields Elementary.

Sally Ride Award – “Parachutes & Rocketry,” Barret Enright, Milton Elementary.

Arthur Ashe Award – “Hot vs. Cold: How Does It Measure Up?,” Michael Cerf, H.O. Brittingham.

Madame Curie Award – “Sticky Situation,” Henry Childers, Shields Elementary.

Dr. Ben Carson Award – “How Does Caffeine Affect Different Peoples’ Heart Rate?,” Laura Andrie, H.O. Brittingham.

Mozart Award – “Which Training Device Works Best to Stop My Dog From Pulling on a Leash?,”

Josey Mulvaney, H.O. Brittingham

Dr. Doolittle Award – “Meow Plants,” Shannon Colleron, Shields Elementary.