Surf Avenue parking prohibition fails to gain traction

April 17, 2014

An ordinance to prohibit parking on the east side of Surf Avenue in Rehoboth Beach failed to gain support, but the city commissioners agreed to reconsider it in May.

Mayor Sam Cooper said the proposal, which originated with the streets and transportation committee, prohibits parking on a 711-foot stretch of Surf Avenue from Lake Avenue to Henlopen Avenue. Commissioner Bill Sargent, chairman of the committee, said the strip could serve as a bike lane with painted lines to separate bikes from vehicle traffic

Sargent said the change would improve safety for bicyclists but would result in the loss of six parking spaces. Some people would have to walk farther to reach the beach, but not so far that it would be a significant inconvenience.

Commissioners Toni Sharp said while she liked the idea of providing more space for bikes, she was uneasy with eliminating parking spaces.