Aquacare therapist receives special training in dry needling technique

Using dry needling, a technician inserts needles into the trigger points which cause pain in muscles. SOURCE SUBMITTED
April 14, 2014

Aquacare Rehab in Millville brings dry needling, a new and innovative physical therapy technique, to the lower Eastern Shore. Nicki Evans, DPT, has recently completed Level 1 training in Functional Dry Needling from Kinetacore and will continue on to become a certified FDN practitioner.

FDN is a treatment that assists in decreasing lower muscular tightness/spasm and reducing pain that may be caused from injury or accompany the degenerative processes. Small, thin needles are inserted in the muscles at the trigger points, causing a pain referral. The muscle then contracts and releases, improving flexibility, thus decreasing symptoms.

This service is covered by most insurances.  Aquacare also offers free 30-minute screenings to determine who may benefit from this intervention. Stop by the clinic at 232 Atlantic Ave. in Millville or call 302-539-3110 to learn about how FDN may help in returning to a sport and/or help reduce overall complaints of pain.