Proposed development doesn't fit core values

April 11, 2014

Yesterday morning as I took my regular walk from my home on Ocean View Boulevard to the Post Office and to buy my daily newspaper and the Cape Gazette, I enjoyed “Good morning,” “Nice day, isn’t it?", smiles and waves from other walkers, bicyclists and dog walkers, as well as workers and delivery persons. The magnolias, daffodils and other flowers were finally blooming and the birds were singing. What a perfect way to start the day! It’s what I love about living in Lewes. It’s such a friendly, walkable town.

My experience is reflective of the quality of life as expressed in the Core Values of the City of Lewes. Core Value No. 3: Lewes values its humane town scale and sense of face-to face intimacy that is characteristic of its quality of life. This core value is reflected in the comprehensive plan, which gives “highest priority” to “Provide guidance for new developments to ensure through vehicular and pedestrian circulation and linkages with the city by secondary streets with sidewalks as well as main traffic arteries. Sidewalks, bikeways and walking trails should be required components of every new area and development within the city limits.”

There is a proposal currently under consideration for a 34-home subdivision in the wooded area adjacent to Fourth Street, known as Highland Heights.

Because a large part of this parcel of land is unbuildable wetland, there is no through street in the plan, but two cul-de-sacs, instead. This proposed development runs counter to the priorities stated in the comprehensive plan.

In addition, the loss of this last natural woodland in the City of Lewes would significantly diminish our quality of life. Let’s keep faith with our core values.

Carole Somers


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