Pack 5 Cub Scouts complete Pot-Nets Bayside Beach Cleanup

April 26, 2014

On April 14 The Cub Scouts of Pack 5 Long Neck completed their second annual Pot-Nets Bayside Beach Cleanup. The event saw a great turnout of scouts and parents to help with the project. The scouts do the annual cleanup as a way of saying thanks to the residents of Pot-Nets for the use of the Community Center at Lakeside for their meetings.

Pictured are Pack 5 Cub Scouts in back (l-r) Jake Durasky, Cyrus Stillman, Trent Holmes, Phoenix Miller, Travis Kane, Ryan Baldwin, Conner Wright, Brock Elliott and Garrett Vansant. In front are Vahaan Biklarian, Seth Marshall, Carter Vansant, Zach Burger, Devin Ostendarp and Brayden Elliott.