Dewey addresses Read Street flooding

Council approves funding to replace valves that don't drain
The property owners of this house near the end of Read Street in Dewey Beach are addressing flooding concerns by lifting the house off the ground. The town recently approved the replacement of valves to reduce flooding. BY CHRIS FLOOD
April 21, 2014

Dewey Beach Town Council unanimously approved spending of $12,000 to alleviate flooding on the bay side of Read Street.

Marc Appelbaum, town manager, said the work will replace valves that get backed up during storms and don't allow flood water to drain.

He supported the move and said that during storms Read Street is infinitely worse than neighboring streets. This was a simple solution, he said.

“It's not too expensive and it will bring much needed relief,” he said.

David King, planning commission chair, said if the town approved the expenditure, the flooding would be reduced by 80 percent to 90 percent.

“It's a good investment. The town should do it,” he said.

Jim Dedes, planning commissioner, said there will be general maintenance issues in the future, but thought the project was a good deal if it solves most of the problem.

Town Commissioner Anna Legates asked if doing this work on Read Street would create issues other places in town and whether the council should be looking into them.

Appelbaum said this was not meant to be a town wide solution to bayside flooding, but more of a maintenance issue for a specific location.

The contract was awarded to Rehoboth Beach-based Precision Marine Construction. Funding for the project will come from the town's infrastructure account, which has $250,000.