Lashing out at injustice in Delaware

May 14, 2014

Beau Biden does not deserve to be the Attorney General of Delaware. Nor does he have the integrity to hold the highest office within the state - governor of Delaware.

Unless Kathy Jennings comes forward with any positive affirmation in regards to the injustice being done in Delaware's Department of Correction, she also will not be privy to my support.

I bring forth solid evidence why the State of Delaware needs a state office of Inspector General, with power to detain and arrest anyone within the state for any criminal activities that are discovered the person has committed. This has been one of the Independent Party of Delaware platforms for many many years. We presented a bill to this effect to the General Assembly members several times. However, just as what I am about to discuss, this too was tucked away in the cobweb infested desks, particularly the concept of IG of our elected officials in Dover.

Chair of the Criminal Justice Council, Matt Denn also does not deserve to be attorney general, because he recently refused to permit any public comments regarding the homicide by blunt trauma force of inmate Ronald Shoup that occurred inside Sussex County Correctional Institution, Georgetown.

Let us pray that whoever murdered Ronald W. Shoup, age 48, who was in prison for a DUI, is not only fired, but prosecuted! Their is compensation for the burial and hardship this travesty has caused to the family. No amount of money will ever bring Mr. Shoup back. But the state of Delaware and those who are responsible for this negligence should not be immune to being found guilty on criminal and civil matters surrounding the untimely death of Mr. Shoup

Here is a lengthy list list of litigation filed against the State of Delaware, including the many, many lawsuits and pleadings filed by inmates concerning prison abuse. :

There are many more similar cases that have been swept under the rug and disregarded by the former state police commissioners, who are under the authority of the Attorney General's Office. Specifically naming Beau Biden. Commissioners appointed by the governor of Delaware, and confirmed by our General Assembly, where current Lt. Gov. Matt Denn has a powerful voice as the tie breaking vote.

Because there is no other recourse other than filing legal claims in a court of law, it clearly shows the grievance process has severe corruption. It also shows there is severe negligence within a process that is intended to save the taxpayer the expenses of legal fees related to inmates having to have their grievances heard outside the walls of the DOC - denied proper due process of law and causing undue harm to the inmates, caused by those running the system. Sad to say, when prisoners do file these claims, they are greatly outmatched by the state (The AG’s office has at least four or five full-time lawyers working to make these cases go away).

This is your tax dollars that are being wasted, not on frivolous claims but being frivolously wasted through a process that can be blamed on the state itself, if the complaints were actually processed and investigated properly; The costs incurred by the state would not be as high; and judges ignore them. Judges will misstate the facts, ignore the facts and the law, in dismissing these cases.

This is a very pathetic and a huge mistake that is not being acknowledged. I will even go as far as say they are being covered up, and the voters even being unable to inquire about these errors to the lawmakers. These are very serious accusations I make regarding the problems within the prison system. How am I aware of this ? A long time friend of mine, not only saw it, he experienced it as well a thousand times and two of his own cases were clearly wrongly dismissed.

His lone surviving case is set for trial in U.S. District Court in Wilmington May 27.

The cost of all this litigation, unnecessary if the prisons were run properly, and professionally, is in the tens of millions of taxpayers dollars.

Earl LoflandKent County chairmanIndependent Party of Delawareformer candidateU.S. House of RepresentativesClayton

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