Re-elect Bonnie Osler to Lewes City Council

May 3, 2014

I am thrilled that Bonnie Osler is running for re-election to the Lewes City Council.  Although I live just outside of the city, I am always interested in what is going on in Lewes as I serve on the board of directors of the Historic Lewes Farmers Market and own a small business, Hattie’s Garden, which is one of the market’s vendors. What happens in Lewes has a good deal of significance beyond the city limits.

I have known Bonnie for many years, serving with her on the farmers market board.  I know that she has the type of conservative temperament so important in deliberations affecting Lewes residents.  Bonnie is fiscally conservative, sensitive to the long-term implications of council decisions, and sensitive to the needs and wishes of the townspeople she represents.

Bonnie is in favor of hiring a city planning consultant and moving forward carefully with any decisions that will impact the quality of life in Lewes.  I have always found Bonnie to be a person of integrity and know she takes very seriously her job on the city council to represent those who would elect her.  The history of her actions up to this point help to illustrate the type of leadership we need on the council.  For example, it was Bonnie who proposed the moratorium on development in the Marine Commercial District. Bonnie has now spent a couple of years on the council immersing herself in city affairs, getting to know the ins and outs and the nuances, and learning how things are done in Lewes on many fronts. She has spoken to me of the dedication of the many who work tirelessly for Lewes and her admiration for them and their efforts. I hope the citizens of Lewes honor Bonnie’s own dedication and willingness to serve by re-electing her to the council.

Hattie Allen
Hattie’s Garden

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