Antiques stores alive and well in Millsboro

April 29, 2014

I read Mr. Nielsen's article about antique shops disappearing in the Cape Gazette on April 22 with great interest because I also am an antique enthusiast and, in fact, a dealer. He is correct that the number of real antique shops is dwindling, but I am disappointed that his analysis of Sussex County shops failed to include any mention of the town of Millsboro.

Millsboro must be an anomaly because there are three large thriving antique shops in this one little town - Antique Alley, Consignery Mall of Millsboro and Millsboro Bazaar Antiques. In Millsboro, antique shops are not a thing of the past but, rather, are alive and well.

I will use Antique Alley to illustrate my point because, since I am a dealer there, it is the shop with which I am most familiar. If one visited Antique Alley, he would find the same quality merchandise which the disappearing shops afforded him.

Obviously, times have changed, so a lot of collectibles have invaded the typical shop because dealers have to keep up with the desires of their customers. Nevertheless, in Antique Alley a shopper can find 19th century sugar snippers, Civil War documents, early glass and china and many of the other items a customer expects to find in a “true” antique shop.

With over 50 dealers spread out on three floors, Antique Alley is worth a visit for anyone looking for a fun day of antiquing. The other two Millsboro shops mentioned above are all within walking distance of one another and would also afford a collector an enjoyable experience as well. For all of you antique enthusiasts who are missing the disappearing shops, come to Millsboro. You won't be disappointed.

Joyce Graves

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