Same-day voter registration good for Democrats

May 13, 2014

Don Flood, in his article of April 22, talks about HB105, the same-day voter registration bill. Democrats will always tell you that voter fraud is non-existent. It is not possible to know that there is no fraud, except that no one has been caught red-handed. That is the law in Delaware.

A voter committing fraud must be caught red-handed; that is sensible; how else could you know who committed the fraud? It is unlikely that someone voting two or more times would use the same voting center, and take the chance of being recognized. So catching someone red-handed is nearly impossible.

But voter fraud does exist. The North Carolina Elections Oversight Committee recently checked with 28 other states and found over 35,000 probable cases of voters who have voted in two states. 22 other states did not respond, including some of the largest liberal states.


A Florida reporter took it upon himself to use a single, extremely narrow method to ferret out voter fraud. By cross-referencing Florida's voter rolls with jury duty cards on which people had checked a box declining to serve due to their non-citizen status, the NBC correspondent pinpointed nearly 100 ineligible voters in his county alone. Several admitted on camera to not being U.S. citizens, and voting in U.S. elections.


Absentee voters are even more capable of fraudulent voting. How would you check to see how many states they voted in, or how many IDs they may have used?


Military absentee ballots are often delayed and do not arrive on time. Overseas military votes favor republicans. Coincidence?


More than 15 percent of Americans move each year - most age 18-34. This is one reason why preregistration was established - to verify the voter was eligible because he or she lived there at least 30 days.


And why no felony prosecutions? Prosecutors must prove intent versus error. Even a black woman in Chicago who voted six times in 2012 will not be prosecuted.


If HB105 is passed, illegal aliens, parolees and corpses, could match with a registered voter, or produce a utility bill to prove where they live, and vote that day. Who will be able to check them out as far as the address being valid, or the voter being a citizen? And it is relatively easy to print a utility bill and not be able to tell a fraud from the real thing. Same-day allows no time to verify anything.


If an illegal alien, parolee, or corpse, votes and is found out after the count, is that vote rescinded? It is not. If an eligible voter finds that someone else has already voted under his name, can he or she vote, probably not. But even if allowed to, the fraudulent vote still counts.


Our voting system is already on life-support; it desperately needs honesty and stringent verification with cross computer checking from all other states, death rolls, court records, and any other source that would expose fraud. DMV rolls should also be cross-referenced, but only after they are cleaned up. Photo IDs make far more sense than HB105.


Same-day voter registration is good for Democrats, it is not good for the country. Democrats want "more participation, not less," a laudable goal, but not if increased participation results in fraud that undermines our electoral system. Republicans also want more participation. The difference is Republicans want more honest, better informed voters, and they want them to vote only once. What happened to “fair and equal” when it really counts?


Armand Carreau


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