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April 29, 2014


Record Number Of Americans Now Believe In Reincarnation - Who Were You In A Previous Life?

Common Questions About Past Life Readings - By Laura Lyn (


How can a past life reading be helpful?

Much like college, or anything else in life, it is only as helpful as what you make of it. Just as things that we may not remember in early childhood can form patterns of thought or habits in our adult life, so too can certain events in our past life carry over to the next. If, perhaps, you are anxiety ridden or obsessive compulsive and have always been that way even though you haven't been exposed to any real trauma in this life, and your parents were even laid back- it could be because of something you witnessed in a past life. Perhaps you were a soldier that died in battle and you carried over a cosmic case of PTSD.


Am I someone famous?

So the short answer is no, most of us are not a famous historical figure (as much as we would like to be) but, even Joan of Arc needed her army. So if you feel a strong connection with a historical figure, perhaps you were somehow directly involved in their lives. Just because your name in the past didn't go in a history book doesn't make you any less important.


Do soulmates exist?

This is the million dollar question. Yes, soulmates exist, but-Soulmates are overrated. Soulmate does not always imply romance. A cat could be your soulmate. A best friend could be your soulmate. It goes, again, back to the splintered soul theory. If you sense a connection with a person it could simply be because you recognize a piece of yourself within them. It does not mean you should get married or date. It just means you share an experience.


So, if I discover I've already met someone in a past life, should I avoid them?

No! Not at all! In fact, sometimes we run into people again so we can repair damage done in a past life. If you didn't get along with your sister in a past life, and things ended bitterly, she may come back as your best friend in this one. That is the moving onward and upward of the spiritual ladder.


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