Why cater to handful of malcontents?

May 12, 2014

I am writing to rebuke the opinions of those who believe that the ferry terminal should not be allowed to play music outdoors in the summer months. I stand with the Cape Gazette. I have been a Lewes resident for 18 years. This argument takes me back to a previous incident that occurred in Lewes some years ago.

Some of our summer residents complained that the outdoor music coming from Irish Eyes was encumbering their summer holiday, and they wanted it banned. They won, and thus ended what was, for many people, locals and visitors alike, giddy Sunday afternoons, sitting in the sun, listening to good music with old friends, and often making new ones. A loss for many, to satisfy a few.

If we are going to ban outdoor music at the ferry, why stop there? I live in Covey Creek, and during the school year we can hear everything that goes on at all the outdoor sporting events at the high school, which includes the band. The school is about a quarter of a mile from my home. Do you think we could ask them if they could keep the noise down? I mean, if I can hear it, imagine how the people who live next to the high school are affected? Or, does that not matter because our summer visitors are not here to be disturbed at that time of year?

I understand that the residents who own seasonal homes are important to our community. I am grateful for our summer guests; they are the reason for our success. I recognize that they are an integral part of our community, but there is a core community that lives here all 12 months of the year. Our opinion should be as important, if not more, than that of those who are only here three months a year.

One must also take into consideration how important the ferry is to Lewes. The ferry generates a large amount of revenue for our town. It provides jobs, it is a means of transportation for tourists, the grounds are well kept(they provide a lovely place to take a walk at sunset), and it's an excellent venue for all types of events.

Lewes is a very distinguished town with its own unique character. In my opinion, the changes at the ferry have been done with great respect in keeping with the overall small town atmosphere that Lewes is known for. In closing, I ask, what is more important? Allowing the ferry to continue with business as usual, or cater to a handful of discontented residents?

M. Elizabeth Barrett

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