Milton needs a more cohesive style

May 12, 2014

I’m writing with regards to the recent approval for installation of fencing around the town of Milton’s water towers, small utility building and the maintenance yard. The one water tower resides across from the boat docks and park.

The location includes one of the most elevated and picturesque areas of Milton. For many years the hill has been designated and used by both children and adults as the town’s community sledding site.

The fence contract was awarded last council meeting for the majority of the fencing to consist of chain link fencing, a fence style that predominantly encases prisons, industrial and recreational sites - utilized not for the purpose of security, but because of a cheaper cost. One option was a minimal decorative fence that can currently be seen in our downtown, a church on Front Street and a storage facility behind the Route 16 car wash - a fence that is both architecturally appealing and provides excellent security. One would assume a much greater risk exists for a storage facility over a water tower.

The residents of Milton deserve architectural cohesiveness that highlights the town as being both competitive and marketable; a town that can be showcased as a destination for people to come visit and possibly decide to make Milton their home. It’s important that full council and mayor start planning the future of this town in a manner that preserves our history, attracts businesses, tourist and home buyers and enhances economic security for those invested. It takes much more than paying the bills; it takes a well thought through strategic plan, a mission and most important a vision.

Over 100 people have signed a petition requesting a more appealing fence and the number continues to rise. Please consider to sign the petition if you have the opportunity. In addition, don’t hesitate to contact the mayor and council about the importance of moving Milton in the right direction and that every vote cast directly effects each and every one of us. Most important, for them to vote for what is best for the town and not for other causes.

Don Post

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