Possums director clears air on auction

May 15, 2014

To the anonymous writer to Possum Point Players concerning the raffle of South Pacific furniture:

Sir or Madam: In response to your note concerning the raffle of the three piece dinette set used in the Possum Point Players recent production of South Pacific:

First: There may very well be 20 people who could have loaned us a table set from their deck or backyard. However, we contacted many more than 20 people, and, in the interest of making our production as authentic as practical, none of them had a set suitable for the South Pacific during the time of World War II.

Second: Your note stated: If you really paid $570 for this prop you have too much money to waste - I won't be contributing ever again. The good news here is that we did not pay $570 for the set. So that it would appeal to possible raffle ticket purchasers, that amount was the stated retail value from the vendor, Cape Henlopen wicker's Gwen Palmer. In fact, Gwen gave us quite a substantial discount because we are a nonprofit 501c3 organization.

Finally: The raffle we conducted for that furniture set brought in over $825.  So, you see, our purchase and subsequent raffle of the set in question netted us just about $500 profit.

I hope we can now look forward to continued support from you and our other wonderful patrons, without which  PPP would not exist. Thank you sincerely.

Jim Hartzell
director South Pacific
Possum Point Player

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