Bringing back Fitness Friday

May 2, 2014
Dust off those sneakers and set some realistic fitness goals! SOURCE IMAGES

Happy Friday!

When I started this blog in 2013, I had a fitness component called Fitness Friday. Every Friday, I would talk about ways a busy mom could add some more activity to her day, whether she exercised with her child or not. Now, that our Birdy is here and mom is seriously in need of some toning, I decided to bring back Fitness Friday.

The Friday posts will include workout tips, motivation (because we all need encouragement!), links to other fitness moms, blogs and information and reviews of fitness apps, adventures and equipment.

So let’s get started!

Fitness is defined as being physically healthy and strong. I like to focus on fitness and not focus on losing weight, even though losing weight happens along the way. Fitness, to me, is more about being healthy.

I consider myself a pretty healthy person. I eat lots of fruits and vegetables. I drink in moderation. I have healthy relationships. But, I often slack off when it comes to physical activity. For me, the best workouts are walks with the family, short runs, pushing a stroller with a hefty toddler on the Boardwalk and strengthening workouts I can do at home.

So, if you are here for crazy, drenched-in-sweat workout ideas, you are probably in the wrong place.

Often these hardcore workouts leave you even hungrier than you were before and for me that can easily lead to over-eating.

So here I will focus on softer workouts. These workouts still yield results albeit in a slower fashion. But, that’s OK. Fitness is not a race. You don’t want to start a fitness routine only to burn out a couple months in. You want to continually be working to become healthy and strong!

Let’s start with a goal. This is an honest space, so let’s be honest with eachother and with ourselves.

What is a reasonable goal for you? Where could you actually be in a month? No, you will not lose 20 pounds in a month. That is unrealistic and unhealthy. What activity could you realistically add and stick to for this first month?

For me, in a month, I would like to have lost five pounds and increase my walking to three times a week for 20 minutes. This is realistic for me.

Since I am breastfeeding, I have moments when I am ravenously hungry and will eat extra food, so I know I am not going to be dropping a ton of weight. But, I know I could be stronger by walking for longer distances. So, that’s my goal.

Feel free to share yours in the comments.

We can do this! I’ll check back in next Friday to talk about how we are doing. Have a great weekend – and try to get out there and increase your activity to work toward better fitness!

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