An open apology to Bonnie Osler

May 2, 2014

I owe Lewes Council incumbent Bonnie Osler an apology. In a letter to the editor published May 2, I took her to task for making what I called an erroneous statement about the Lewes Public Library project. As it turns out, Bonnie's comment that the City of Lewes was being asked, ultimately, to foot about 20 percent of the project’s $10.5 million price tag, mirrors exactly what I stated in a letter of request, on behalf of the library, to Lewes Mayor and Council late in March. Bonnie's comments at the candidates’ forum made me look more closely at the numbers. That led to my statement in the May 2 letter - which I believe is correct - that Lewes, if it were to contribute $1 million to the library campaign, would be contributing about 10 percent. My letter to the editor should have been correcting the original error I had made, not pointing a finger at Bonnie. That was a mistake and I apologize.

Dennis Forney



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