Overfalls Foundation to celebrate 76th anniversary June 4

Volunteer guides sought for vessel's summer tours
May 9, 2014
The Overfalls Foundation will offer tours of its lightship beginning in June. SOURCE SUBMITTED

As the Overfalls Foundation in Lewes begins its 16th season, it seeks additional volunteers to help maintain the pace of its progress. This progress will be celebrated Wednesday, June 4, the 76th anniversary of the launching of the Lightship Overfalls, when the foundation will dedicate the newly opened American Lightship Museum.

With the opening of the new American Lightship Museum and the launch of the Monomoy surf/lifeboat later in 2014, this year should be more exciting than ever. The activities, ship tours and social programs make the Overfalls Foundation an organization that returns the volunteer a huge measure of fulfillment for the hours invested.

Next month, the Lightship Overfalls will again open for historic ship tours. This year, the Overfalls Foundation will continue the five-day-a-week format that was well received when it started in 2013. To accommodate the increasing number of visitors, the foundation is seeking to augment its staff of volunteer ship guides.

Tracy Mulveny, foundation president, says, “Any experience is desired; no experience is needed, and the training is easy and fun.This is a great opportunity to work with wonderful people showing off our award-winning ship, now a National Historic Landmark, to folks from all over. The real talent needed is to enjoy talking to people and telling stories."

For information related to joining the team of ship guides, contact Lan Mershon, Overfalls ship guide coordinator, at 302-827-2711 or Interested people can volunteer for ship guiding or other activities through