Osler clearly knows issues in Lewes

May 8, 2014

Lewes is lucky. All of the candidates running for city council seem well qualified and sincere in their desire to serve the community, and all have relevant experience. However, for us, one candidate stands out from the others: Bonnie Osler.

We attended a meet and greet for Osler and found her to be well informed, articulate, and thoughtful. She was an engaged listener who responded directly to audience opinions, comments, concerns, and questions. The meet and greet turned out to be far more than a mere recital of a list of talking points.  By separating immediate, near-term, and long-term issues, Osler provided a useful framework for setting both current and future priorities and goals. Of special importance to us was her ability to clearly present both the pros and cons of issues, and then explain why and how she developed her personal stance on those issues.

Having served on the city council for two years, Osler already understands how the system works, and can hit the ground running when elected. Her experience and the connections she has made while in office will be beneficial for Lewes. We strongly support Bonnie Osler’s re-election to City Council.

John and Penny Deiner




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