Fish Hawk

May 6, 2014

Another common name for Ospreys is Fish Hawks, a name richly deserved for their superb skills at diving onto swimming fish and plucking them out of the water to be eaten at leisure on a tree limb.  Look at those amazing fish catching talons.  I found this proud fisher on a detour from my normal commute from work this afternoon.  Lucky bird, unlucky fish, cycle of life: very lucky photographer.

  • Tony Pratt is the administrator of the Shoreline and Waterway Management Section of Delaware’s Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control. He is a scientist and naturalist, well versed in nature study.

    Pratt is a lifelong photographer who has worked closely with Kevin Fleming since 2007. His interests in photography range from wildlife and landscapes to portraiture work.

    His photography can be seen at and at the Kevin Fleming and Friends Gallery, 239 Rehoboth Ave. in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.