Cooper a contemplative and frugal leader

May 9, 2014

Tom McGlone, mayoral candidate for the City of Rehoboth, kicked off his campaign with a letter to a number of venues. He begins by quoting Mayor Sam Cooper in 2008 decrying onerous debts which would be incurred if the city built a new convention center and a parking garage.

Sam was right then and he is right now. The property-owning taxpayers in the City of Rehoboth would be the group saddled with the onerous debt of a parking garage and a new convention center. McGlone goes on to equate this with Mayor Cooper’s support of a new city hall and the correction of the deficits to the city’s waste water treatment.

The City of Rehoboth Beach is ever more inundated by unbridled county growth and ever-more frequent visitors. Our town hall and police department are designed for the 1960s. How our loyal employees can perform in their current work environment is beyond me. The City’s Comprehensive Development Plans of 2003 and 2009 discuss the inadequacy of the police station and city hall.

Mayor Cooper created a planning task force in 2011 to address the needs of the city administration and the police department. This task force has met regularly since that date and each meeting was advertised and the public invited to attend. The city website has contained recordings and minutes of each meeting. The task force concluded that a new structure must be built to address the needs of Rehoboth in the 21st century. Despite the demurring of conspiracy theorists, we the taxpayers have been informed regularly about this plan and given free access to tackle it.

Led by Mayor Cooper, we have been addressing the wastewater treatment issue since 1999. Ocean outfall and land application solutions have been reviewed and studied regularly since that time. Our application for a permit has been reposing on Secretary O’Mara’s desk for several years while costs have climbed.

Sam Cooper is a most contemplative and frugal city leader. The finances of Rehoboth are in good shape as they have been throughout his tenure as mayor. Careful planning has permitted the taxpayers to be able to move forward with these needed projects. Had the state moved expediently, we would not be facing both big projects at the same time. But with Mayor Cooper’s leadership, we shall meet the challenge.

Libby Stiff
Rehoboth Beach

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