Cape May-Lewes Ferry announces new fare schedule

Creates lower rates for senior citizens, military, off-season
May 15, 2014

Delaware River and Bay Authority officials have announced a revised fare schedule for the Cape May-Lewes Ferry, introducing new passenger fare classes for military personnel and senior citizens, and reducing vehicle fares in the off season. The revised rate schedule is designed to encourage ridership among two key demographic groups and to attract more ferry customers in the off season. The revised fare schedule will become effective Friday, May 23.

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According to Heath Gehrke, director of operations for the Cape May-Lewes Ferry, the revised fare schedule is responsive to customer feedback. “Our senior customers, a very important segment of our traveling customer, asked for this senior discount, and we listened,” Gehrke said. “Similarly, we increased the discount, and increased its availability for our active-duty military customers. We’re hopeful that the new senior fare classes will encourage more seniors to use the ferry to explore the other side of the Delaware Bay, and we’re happy to recognize the service to our country by the members of our military.”

Effective May 23, ferry passenger rates for members of the military and senior citizens ages 62 and up will be $8 one way and $6 for the return trip between April and October. These new fares represent more than a 10 percent discount compared to the current adult passenger rate.

The revised fare schedule also reduces off-season vehicle fares by $3, a 10 percent savings. The fare rollback is aimed at locals who comprise a major part of the ferry’s customer base during the off season. Gehrke noted that the rollback in off-season vehicle rates and the reduced fares for senior citizens and military personnel are the first fare reductions since 2005.

Passenger and shuttle fares are unchanged. Discount book of ticket categories are also unaffected. The revised fare schedule is projected to be revenue neutral. To support the new passenger fare classes and offset the vehicle fare rollback in the off season, a new high-season vehicle fare category will go into effect Monday through Thursday during July and August.

The ferry continues to provide an alternative for drivers looking to take a rest from long hours of driving and avoid traffic jams on Baltimore/Washington expressways. The ferry provides all travelers a relaxing way to enjoy the scenic beauty of the Delaware Bay.

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