Honest Pricing From Capstone Homes

A New Capstone Home in the Bay Landing Community.
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May 9, 2014

Capstone Homes is proud to be the only Delaware beach new homebuilder to offer straightforward, understandable pricing.  Capstone’s program is called Honest Pricing, and it does away with the undesirable sales tactics that are typical of the new home industry.

“If I tell you that a house has a ‘base’ price and then offer you a discount on that ‘base’ price, am I offering you anything?  Does anyone ever pay the full price?” asks Scott Dailey, the managing partner of Capstone Homes.

Dailey also challenges the notion of incentives offered by a homebuilder.  “Nothing is free.  If you get something that is called free from a builder, are you really getting anything for free? If you’re the one bringing the money to the transaction, then you’re paying for everything.  Nothing is free.” Says Dailey.

Capstone Homes are generally offered at a lower base price because the cost of the incentive does not need to be factored into the base price of the home.  Capstone then offers a discount on the options based upon the dollar value of those options. “The more you spend, the larger the discount.  We think that makes sense,” Dailey says.

This is a part of the Capstone difference.  At Capstone Homes, we think a luxury home and a good value should be the same thing.

Low-tax, coastal living is available through a new Capstone Home in southern Delaware. A new Capstone Home in Delaware has the energy saving performance of a new home with advanced building technology, and coastal Sussex County, Delaware has a lifestyle and cost of living that are unmatched.

Sussex County, Delaware is fast becoming a desirable retirement destination. It’s rural and coastal, which gives it the relaxed pace and beach lifestyle, and the cost of living is outstanding. It is a short drive from anywhere in New Jersey.

Capstone Homes is one of the fastest growing Delaware builders at the Delaware beaches. Capstone believes that their approach to Delaware new home building is unlike anything else in the area.

“I don’t understand some homebuilders.  For most people, a new home is one of the largest purchases they will ever make.  How is it that Starbucks will customize a cup of coffee but a homebuilder won’t customize a new home?” says Dailey.

“If you are going through the new home building process, you should be able to get what you want. People don’t want a used home; they want something new. The new home should fit the lifestyle- not the builder’s program,” Dailey explains.

Capstone is also different than its approach to “green” building and energy savings. Capstone Homes factors in the cost of energy into the designs of its new home. Capstone focuses less on certifications and promises. Capstone homes focuses on cost. Capstone’s building program is called EnergySmart. Energysmart is designed for people that want a high performance home that has low cost of ownership. Dailey says that a Capstone Home will cost less to own and less to operate for years to come. He says common sense can sometimes be better than science.

“We don’t use ‘builder grade’ heating and air equipment.  We use Bryant and Carrier. They are better than other brands used by local builders. This makes Capstone a better value.”

Capstone’s value doesn’t end with its EnergySmart program. Luxury maple cabinets with granite countertops are standard in most communities.

Dailey says that Capstone’s floorplans are a starting point.  From there, Capstone will work with our future homeowner to design the new home that suits the lifestyle of the homeowner.

“Your house should fit your life.  You life shouldn’t fit the builder’s house,” says Dailey.

Capstone offers lot and home packages in some of the most desirable communities in the coastal Sussex acre, and also proudly builds custom homes and homes on any lot in Kent or Sussex County. For more information, visit or call 302-684-4480.