Gazette Lewes noise editorial a joke

May 16, 2014

I read your article in the May 2 issue of the Gazette with great interest.

As I read through the editorial I was thinking this must be a joke or it was written by a cub reporter.

Apparently, the editorial staff of the Gazette is taking the same “pro outdoor amplified music” opinion they took re: ferry terminal amplified outdoor music and applying it to the entire City of Lewes.

To blatantly profess repealing the current ordinance without attempting to strengthen it or at least try to write a new ordinance is unconscionable.

I dare say that no one on the editorial staff of the Gazette lives close to any of the venues that are already violating the current city ordinance regarding outdoor amplified music.

The flowery explanation of those who like to sit on their outdoor deck and listen to “outdoor music blend with outdoor air” is amateurish at best.

You also infer that a noise ordinance would inhibit our traditional parades, cultural events and historic events that take place outdoors from time to time, all within city limits. By the way, you forgot tolling of church bells, choir music and automobile stereos that sit blaring in parking lots.

To even equate the aforementioned situations to hip-hop, rap, rock and roll, even when “blended” with the summer zephyrs is beyond the pale.

I don't know which is more laughable, the “blend” as you profess, or having various number of city police officers responding to calls and have them rendering various “subjective” opinions as to what is offensive or annoying.

How about being sincere in your assessment of the issue by spending some time next to one of the venues and see first hand which “blend” prevails.

With all the legal minds at the city's disposal, I am confident that this issue can be resolved to everyone's satisfaction. A good place to start would be to set reasonable guide lines for hours to have outdoor amplified music, location and direction of amplifiers as well as decibel levels.

By no means should the city be without a “noise” ordinance, regardless of what the feeling is of those who do not live near these venues.

If anyone remembers, years ago the “town side” of the canal complained when The Wharf Restaurant wanted to have music on their outside deck. The Wharf was considerate enough and civic minded enough to take corrective measures. I may be wrong, but I think Striper Bites Restaurant relented on their desire to have outside music after opposition to it was voiced. I guess “beachside” should be given equal consideration.

I know there are pros and cons regarding the use of decimeters and their accuracy, but I feel this should be looked at rather than putting police officers on the spot by having them make judgment calls on what they “hear.”

In the future, please try to give a more informative assessment of the real situation and not baffle us with BS (Biased Scenarios).

Thomas F. Fiore

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