Promising draft for the Philadelphia Eagles

May 15, 2014

It looks like the Eagles have done what I hoped they would do in drafting the possible wide receiver replacement for DeSean Jackson. Their pick is Jordan Matthews from Vanderbilt University. It turns out that he is a distant relative of the very talented hall-of-famer Jerry Rice. Hopefully Matthews will have been blessed with some of Rice's talents and bring it to this year's Eagles' football season. The Eagles also picked up Josh Huff, a wide receiver from Chip Kelly's former coaching job at Oregon University. Kelly should know this kid pretty well since he coached Josh during most of his college career. In other draft news, former Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel was drafted by the Cleveland Browns. There were some rumors that the Eagles might pick him late in the first round, but thankfully that didn't happen. Philadelphia's Nick Foles is a very good quarterback so we didn't need to be spending that much money for Manziel to be the Eagles' backup quarterback.

In golf news, Martin Kaymer won the Players Championship May 10 and 11 in Jacksonville, Fla. Kaymer won the PGA Championship in 2010 but has been nowhere near a frontrunner since then. After the win in 2010, he decided to change his swing in hopes of doing better for the Masters that year and totally got in his own way and made a mess of his game. It was great to see him play so well and to actually win this tournament. I don't think he will struggle as much this time and hopefully will leave his game well enough alone. He and Jordan Spieth were head-to-head until the middle of the last round but Spieth came undone on the 10th hole and couldn't recover. giving Kaymer a sure win.

As far as baseball, the Philadelphia Phillies are playing terribly and there's no reason to comment until maybe August at this point. Just kidding, I hope.

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