Cape Integrated Wellness offers collaborative care

Varied health professionals deliver range of therapies
All part of an expanding team, clinicians and staff at Cape Integrated Wellness include (l-r) Susan Woodward, licensed clinical social worker; Kimberly Munez, administration; Andi Edelman, career counselor and life coach; Lauren Wisely, clinical psychologist; Candace Shutzler, occupational therapist; Nancy Backus, psychologist; Carly Miller, couples and family therapist; and Cate Evans, mental health counselor. BY MOLLY MACMILLAN
June 11, 2014

The collective of health professionals at Cape Integrated Wellness say their office brings a much-needed, centralized resource to the Cape Region.

With specialists in the mental and behavioral health for children and adults, the seven-member all-female staff of life coaches and occupational, relationship and mental health therapists set out to address mental health and psychological well-being for people of all ages.

Led by co-owners Susan Woodward, licensed clinical social worker and play therapist, and Carly Miller, family and couples therapist, Cape Integrated Wellness reinvents an earlier collaboration, Cape Behavioral Health, offering a wider range of treatment options.

"One person doesn't just do everything here. We are very specialized, and we recognize our specialties and our strengths, and clients are placed accordingly," Woodward said. "We want to make sure it is a good match for the individual."

Cape Integrated Wellness works to recognize and treat all areas of individual health and personal growth, Miller said, with a team of therapists that includes a career counselor and life coach along with psychologists, counselors and other professionals.

"This is a group of individuals of different professions that interact to form our wellness component," Miller said.

She said clients have been receptive to the new office, with varied health options under one roof. More specialists are expected to be added, focusing on wellness, she said.

"We are trying to grow even more to include body work specialists, acupuncturists and nutritionists," Woodward said. "Changing the name was important because we don't all have a behavioral approach to treatment."

Therapy is available by appointment only, and the facility includes children's playrooms and space to facilitate occupational therapy.

Occupational therapist Candace Shutzler said she is certified in sensory integration and specializes in autism. "The majority of what I do is help parents problem solve where their child may be having difficulties," she said, helping parents build on their child's strengths. 

School and childhood psychologist Nancy Backus works with the youngest clients, but she said her focus is on behavioral health, learning and various aspects of the autism spectrum.

"I have a background in treating substance abuse and the children of alcoholics," Backus said. "They have special ways of coping with situations, and they get caught up in their home life."

Other therapists deal with adult well-being and help clients process life traumas or relationship issues.

Andi Edelman is a career counselor and life coach who said she helps people develop a resume and practice for interviews. She also works with people with disabilities who want to find jobs.

"My services are really for anybody of any age – for people starting out, trying to figure out what they are doing with their life or for people changing careers," Edelman said. "I help them figure out how to find the perfect fit."

As an integrated wellness center, Miller said she believes the professionals on staff have the tools to assist clients with life transitions, traumas, relationship crises, developmental deficits and disorders.

"There are so many types of highly specialized professionals in this office, and we are very hooked into collaborative therapy and are always cross-referencing with one-another," Miller said. "These are very complementary services, but they are very specialized so we know we are providing our clients with a high level of care."

For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact Cape Integrated Wellness at 302-644-2273 or visit