Jacob Landis rides to help hearing-impaired children

Jacob Landis, with the help of Cape Henlopen School District sign language interpreter Maureen McCaffrey, talks to the students about the hardships he endured on his ride. He also told the students, "You can do anything you want. Don't let hearing impairment get in your way." BY STEVEN BILLUPS
June 1, 2014

Jacob Landis of Annapolis, Md., spoke to hearing-impaired Delaware students at the Lewes School May 16. Landis recently completed a bicycle ride to all 30 Major League Baseball parks in America to raise money and awareness for hearing-impaired children.

Landis slowly lost his hearing as a child, and at age 10, he had cochlear Implant surgery. He attended middle school and high school as a regular student.

With just 180 miles left on his nearly 11,000-mile ride, on his way to Marlins Park, Landis was struck by a semi truck. Now fully healed, Landis will complete his Jacob's Ride with a county sheriff escort from Frostproof, Fla., to Miami's Marlins Park.