Flexera launches the Homebuilder Partnership Program

Sussex-based company expects to team with regional builders
May 27, 2014

Flexera Inc., of Harbeson, widely recognized as a leader in the alternative energy space specializing in solar power and LED lighting solutions, has announced the launch of the Flexera Homebuilder Partnership Program. The new initiative is designed for homebuilders in the mid-Atlantic region with an appetite for adding value to their newly-constructed homes and communities, while helping new home buyers lower energy costs.

Despite the raw winter, residential growth continues to exceed analyst expectations in the region; and valuable add-ons, such as solar energy systems, are quickly become the must-have home improvement for buyers seeking higher valuations while curbing above average energy costs.

“We’re really pleased with this new business-to-business initiative and hope to launch similar programs for other areas in the new future,” said Bob Light, CEO of Flexera. “Our strategy has always been to expand deeper into residential communities, and we believe this program will be advantageous to the builders, project planners, and buyers.”

Flexera’s dedicated homebuilder energy specialists organize and execute each part of the solar project for the builder - and buyer - from start to finish, including filing all permits and inspections. In addition, the Homebuilder Partnership Program includes an examination of all available financial incentives for the homebuyer.

Adding a solar system to a home can provide significant value to the property. For instance, according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, a home’s value typically increases $20 for each $1 in annual utility bill savings. The NREL also noted how homes with solar power sold faster than equivalent homes without, and also that buyers were even more interested when solar systems were pre-installed.

Flexera is a full-service provider of innovative energy services, solutions, and products to the residential and commercial markets in the Mid-Atlantic region.  Founded in 2006, Flexera has deep experience in energy management, energy procurement, and renewable energy system design and installation.  The company has a proven commitment to building a better world through leadership and excellence in the energy sector.

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