Sussex councilman should do their homework

May 22, 2014

Ever since the last Sussex County Council meeting there has been considerable attention addressed to the remarks made by both Councilman Sam Wilson and Councilman Vance Phillips regarding their inquiry as to the definition attributed to the NAACP. Much has been said regarding the fallout of their remarks and the perplexity of their continued probing of what the NAACP institution means.

As an historian and certified archivist, I do offer respectfully to both councilmen the following advice. Taking into consideration your past schooling and the fact that you have been “around the political rodeo” for many years you should: know your American history, conduct research, and document your findings before you open your mouth to the public!

Speaking in a manner that intentionally spurs disrepute on an established historical institution such as the NAACP does, my dear councilmen, send the wrong message and causes established historical fact to be misrepresented.

I would further advise that you use the many resources available to you to do your homework first and be prepared to write a 100-word essay on the NAACP and thereby answer your own question before you again make maligning pronouncements.

Stephen M. Marz, CA

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