Details are the Difference in Paver Patios

- Private group -
May 21, 2014

Undoubtedly you have seen dozens of paver patio installations in your travels.  We encourage you to start looking at border cuts and radiuses and notice the difference in levels of workmanship.

A proper radius has the same cut on every other brick or even each brick depending on the tightness of the radius.

The brick pattern should have consistent straight lines. A wavy pattern is a sure sign of hasty installation.

The field brick should have a consistent reveal to the soldier or outside course. Tiny slivers of paver brick are a sign of poor layout and a quick fix to a more serious problem.

Hastily installed patios commonly fail due to poor preparation and not enough stone base.  If the work on top isn't professional, you can be certain what's below is bound to fail.

No one likes to stub a toe on paver bricks, and we promise it will never happen on a Barefoot Patio.


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