Are you ready if?

- Private group -
March 20, 2015

What if you woke up in the morning and on your list of things for the day was listed.

Be involved in a car accident. What would you do? Do you have the right coverage? Enough coverage?

Truth is, we never know if today is that day or tomorrow. It may be several years before that might happen. Hopefully it will never happen, but you need to be prepared.

Ask yourself the following;

Do you have the correct liability coverage so you will not get sued?

Do you have protection if the other car has no insurance or is underinsured?

What about your vehicle and how will it be repaired. Does your current company offer Claims Satisfaction Guarantee where you don't pay your next 6 month premium if your car is not repaired properly.

What about life insurance in case you lost your life? How would your family or loved ones survive with the lost income?

That is why is important  to sit down and talk about these things with a insurance agent. Do not just assume what you had in the past or what someone suggested online or on a 800 number is correct for you. Everyones situation is different.

Call for a free insurance review at 302 248-8500 and ask for me Paul Sarnak  your local Allstate agent. My team will make sure if that item on that list every does happen, you are prepared.