Dare I say it ... potty-trained!

May 22, 2014

I hesitate to get too excited, but I am pretty sure…yes, we are sure – Droolface is potty-trained!

Back story: We thought he was going to be potty-trained last summer. He was using the little plastic potties and going regularly when we were out at restaurants. He enjoyed going and then washing his hands. We thought we had it in the bag. We even gave away our diapers!

But, one day, Droolface decided that was enough and back to diapers he went. For a while, he refused to even consider going on the potty. There were times we took him to the bathroom that he would just kick and cry. It didn’t seem like it would ever happen and we joked that he might go to kindergarten in diapers.

This month: At daycare, the kids have to be potty-trained to move up to the next class. When it started to appear that Droolface would not follow the other kids’ leads, they moved him up anyway. The teacher was taking him to the potty every 45 minutes for weeks. We were doing the same (or trying to) at home also.

After a successful potty weekend, we decided to take the plunge and put undies on him. I decided that was it – no more diapers. He could do it. We all knew he could do it. He knew he could do it. But, would he actually do it? Or would that stubborn 2-year-old kick in?

The first day of school with no diaper saw one accident. But the rest of the day he was dry! He was so proud!

After another accident at home, he seemed to have the hang of it, even though he still kicks and screams sometimes when we want to take him to the potty.

Early this morning (4:30 a.m.), he came into our room to snuggle. His diaper was dry!

We are still keeping diapers for nap-times and long car rides, but I would say that he is (finally) potty-trained. And, miraculously, before he turned 3.

I think it was just a matter of ditching the diapers, putting on the cool Thomas the Train undies, and helping him go on the big potty. He seems to prefer that to the little plastic potties. We are still reminding him and taking him to the potty about every 45 minutes until he starts telling us he has to go with some regularity. But, we are so excited! And, it will save us tons of money on diapers – yay!

What are your potty-training stories?

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