If music goes, so should Lewes fireworks

May 29, 2014

A few years ago, Irish Eyes had a steel drum player that I could hear from my house, and I thought it was very enjoyable to listen to. It was a very beachy sound and it was only during happy hour. Anyway, someone complained, and it was cancelled. Haven't heard any beachy, tropical music since, and that's a shame. I can't hear the music at the ferry so I don't want to comment on that, but it makes me sad that music is so distressing. Music is better than fireworks!

How come no one complains about the fireworks that are set off so much every weekend in the summer months? Visitors from states that allow fireworks bring them on vacation and have to celebrate by setting them off when they arrive and when they leave, I presume.

I was very sad to read in the 55 Hours (News Journal 5/16) about how nice the Lewes Fourth of July fireworks are. I can't agree with that, as I detest fireworks. They are not pretty anymore, and they sound like bombs going off.

To me it sounds like I'm living in a war zone, they make some young children afraid and they traumatize my animals. They go on for hours so you can't hear anything else, and can't possibly sleep through it. The traffic jam it causes afterwards is so bad there are cars in front of my house for hours trying to get off of Cedar Street. The car occupants must be thirsty because the next day I have to clean up their beer and soda cans from my yard.

Maybe the people who say OK to the music and fireworks should think about what it's like to live next door to it. I would take music any day over fireworks. If the music has to go, then the fireworks should also go. I believe fireworks are still illegal in Delaware.

Phyllis Bargelski

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