Memorial Day Service held at Camp Arrowhead

The Rev. Jeff Ross, center, starts the Memorial Day as (l-r) Jim Alderman, Kathy Alderman, and Julie Lathrop listen. BY TAGGART HOUCK
May 31, 2014

Camp Arrowhead held the first Memorial Day service anyone can remember May 26.

The Episcopal Church summer camp honored fallen soldiers with songs, prayer and gratitude.

“This service is an important aspect of camp. It is very appropriate,” said the Rev. Jeff Ross of St. Peter's Episcopal Church in Lewes, who led the service.

To mark the day, officials at the co-ed summer camp for children, tucked back along Camp Arrowhead Road, hoisted a flag on a flagpole freshly-painted by former campers.

The flag commemorates the 200th anniversary of the Star Spangled Banner in September and will stay raised until next year's Memorial Day.

Michelle Truban, who both camped and worked at the camp when she was younger, brought her kids to the service. She has memories of ceremonies around the flagpole when she was a camper and wants her kids to have those too.

“It's kinda cool for my kids to have my same memories,” she said.