Is rezoning down the road for development?

June 1, 2014

On May 28 the Lewes Planning Commission held a public hearing on Point Farm/Harbor Point proposed as a major subdivision, located off New Road at Park Road. Owners J.G. Townsend Jr. & Co. are requesting R3 zoning which allows small lots of 5,000 square feet to be developed on the land Sussex County lists as environmentally sensitive. (Older established homes in the area are in the range of 18,000 to 22,000 square feet.)

This planning commission public hearing is part of the “Preliminary Consent” process which is required before the Mayor and City Council hold their hearing on annexing the property into the city.

The following is a direct quotation from the city's website concerning this next step:

"The City's Comprehensive Development Plan recommends large-lot zoning from two to 10 acres for the property under consideration, which is inconsistent with the developer's subdivision proposal and proposed zoning classification. Consequently, during the period of time after the Mayor and City Council's June 26 public hearing and prior to final annexation, if the Mayor and City Council elect to proceed with annexation, an amendment to the City's Comprehensive Development Plan will be pursued.

Requesting the Comprehensive Development Plan amendment during this stage of the process will ensure that no amendments to the plan will become effective prior to the Mayor and City Council's determination to proceed with annexation - and conversely, will avoid the possibility that the Comprehensive Plan could be amended prior to a determination by the Mayor and City Council to not proceed with annexing the property.”

Zoning is but one of 22 points the planning commission will be able to consider with this project. The entire document may be found on the City of Lewes website at

Does this look like it might turn out to be a change of zoning to accommodate a developer?

Maryanne Ennis

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