Gallo Realty adopts electronic signature platform

June 7, 2014

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Gallo Realty, one of the largest and most successful real estate companies in Sussex County, has adopted a new electronic signature software program. The new feature will allow all agents in the company to send documents for their clients to be signed electronically, in a secure and efficient manner.

“The use of electronic signatures in the real estate industry is becoming a hot topic nationwide, and we now provide the service on a company-wide level here in our Delaware/Coastal Maryland market,” said Andrew Ratner, vice president of Gallo Realty. “We have always been ahead of our competition in the technology field, and I believe that we are the only real estate company in the area that provides this service as a company standard.”

“With the real estate market bouncing back, getting contracts submitted in a timely manner is of utmost importance. Our agents will now have the ability to better serve our clients. When a document is delivered, the client can now sign the document on-line, without having to print it out and then re-scan it or fax it back to the agent. Once the document is fully signed, it is instantly delivered back to the agent,” Ratner said.

“For our clients, it’s a fantastic solution,” added Ratner. “In a recent instance, one of our agents sent a contract to clients who had just left on vacation, with no access to a printer or fax machine. The clients were able to review and sign the contract right on their iPad. Without our DocuSign service, it might have taken several days to complete, and they may have lost out on a deal.”

In addition to providing agents with the ability to send out documents for electronic signatures, the program also provides each agent with a complete transaction management system.

“One of the best features of this aspect of the program is that our brokers have instant access to each transaction and document that the agents are involved with," Ratner noted. "If the brokers are out of the office, they can access the transaction from anywhere, even on their phones, and be able to assist the agent on the spot, without having to wait until they are back in the office.”

“With our company motto being Community-Minded, Customer-Focused, this clearly falls under the ‘Customer-Focused’ theme," he said. "Whenever we look into a new program, our initial question in the research process is, ‘How will it help us to better serve our clients?’ For our buyers and sellers who live out of the area, and even for our local clients who lead busy lives, this new program will clearly make the real estate transaction faster and more efficient.”

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