Incredible generosity surrounds us

June 9, 2014

Last week I arrived for the summer season and was checking out groceries at SuperFresh on Route 1. I realized I didn't have my credit card and when I wrote an out-of-state check the register rejected it.

My daughter was already loading the car so I dashed to retrieve my driver's license and this customer behind me, a beautiful platinum-haired woman with a colorful tattoo, had quietly paid my bill when I returned. I was stunned and went to write a $83.90 check to repay her, but she wouldn't take it. I resisted, strongly and she insisted, saying "No, I feel really good about this, pay it forward."

Incredible generosity surrounds us in Lewes - volunteerism, philanthropy and kind neighbors - Thank you to this lovely good samaritan and all who model pieces of what makes this area a great place to be (aside from its pristine coastline and history).

Eileen Wilkinson
Port Lewes/Fairfax, Va.

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