The federal insanity must stop now!

June 9, 2014

Sen. Tom Carper is now calling for an increase in federal taxes on gasoline. Another elected official calling for more tax money from the people.

Unfortunately there's nothing new about that. It's been going on for far too long. Why? Because most politicians refuse to even consider living within their means. They refuse to balance the federal budget. They refuse to even consider cutting the size of the federal government in order to cut spending.

Like drunken sailors on a perpetual bender, they wantonly throw our tax dollars away in ever more insane and frivolous ways. Need proof? Google: "federal tax dollars wasted." Do you need even more proof that they are completely profligate? Consider how they capriciously give away our tax dollars to nations that hate us, in the form of foreign aide.

Their mantra is always "more money, more money." So much so that over-burdening the people they were elected to serve with ever higher taxes is not enough. They must have even more dollars to spend. Their solution?

They borrow billions of dollars in order to finance their ongoing orgy of spending. Never mind that they are mortgaging away our children's and our grandchildren's futures. Never mind that they are making us debtors to our enemies, the communist Chinese.

Politicians of this ilk refuse to see what they are doing. (There are none so blind as those who WILL not see.) They are so deep in denial, they consider anyone with a common sense approach to budget and spending to be "out of touch," or "naive."

I believe that it's long past time that we the people say no more. The insanity must stop. No more money from us. No more tax dollars, period. Furthermore, we must demand that our elected leaders cut federal spending, balance the federal budget, and pay down the national debt. And if they won't do it, we must elect people who will. Nothing, other than this, will save our nation.

Lawrence McSwain
Rehoboth Beach

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